July Events Calendar

Store Location: 204 E. Beale St., Kingman, AZ

Please note specified location for each class
Celebrate our new location!!

June 30th       10am-4pm

Giving away vendor items!!
One ticket entry for every (4) canned goods or non-perishable items.
To be donated to Kingman Food Bank.
                                                  *Check out the new inventory
                                                  *Meet the artists & vendors
                                                  *Aura & Chakra Photography
                                                         (by Mystic Glitz) - $30
Essential Oil Classes w/Jackie Scurti
10:30am—(2) Essential oil roller blends (headache relief & stress/anxiety relief) make & take - $15 Advance/$20 at door
2:00pm—Oatmeal Lavender Bath Salt Soak make & take - $15 Advance/$20 at door.
Book Study Group
Every Wednesday     5:30-6:30pm

Class Location:  204 E. Beale St.

Book:  The Universe Has Your Back:  Transform Fear to Faith  by Gabrielle Bernstein. “Readers will find strength when they are down, synchronicity when they are lost, safety in the face of uncertainty, and joy when they are otherwise in pain.  Readers will learn to stop chasing life and truly live.”  Anytime is the perfect time to join us.   
Adult Art Class—$20

Friday - June 29th - July 13, 20, 27   6:30-8:30pm

**CLASS LOCATION:  Kingman Ranch Mobile Home Park - Clubhouse - 1201 E. Jagerson Ave. (park on side parking lot)**

Simple instructions given to create your own masterpiece to add to your home or to give as a gift.

No skill or prior art knowledge needed!!
Fee includes art supplies, laid back easy instructions and some laughter.   Check our Facebook page (Sisters Gallery) for weekly picture.
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Art & Mimosas Class—$20
Sunday—July  1st       1-3 pm

**CLASS LOCATION:  Kingman Ranch Mobile Home Park Clubhouse - 1201 E. Jagerson Ave.**

Simple instructions given to create your own unique masterpiece to add to your home or to give as a gift.
No skill or prior art knowledge needed!!
Fee includes art supplies.
Must RSVP 
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Intuition Development Group  $5
Saturday - July 7th            9-10am

Class Location:  204 E. Beale St.
Are you looking for other like-minded people that "get you"?  Do you "see" shadows?  "Hear" sounds - like someone is talking to you but no one is there?  "Smell" things - like cigarette smoke, but no one around you is smoking or you are the only one in the room?  Can you "feel" other peoples energy, emotions or physical issues?  This this fabulous group is for you to receive the support you have been seeking.  To be able to talk about experiences that your friends & family don't understand - providing a safe space to share stories.  Allowing the opportunity for you to connect to, understand and develop your "abilities".​​
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Group Reiki Session
Sunday - July 15th              9-10am
Cost:  Your choice!
(Cash payment at the door)

Session Location:  1570 E. Northern Ave., Ste. D
Multiple practitioners will be uniting to hold space for anyone who would like to receive Reiki (Universal life energy) for emotional, physical and/or spiritual healing.  Floor space will be available to lay on a yoga mat, beach towel, blanket, etc - bring your own - pillows are welcome too.  Wear comfortable clothing.
Limited Space - Must RSVP
Call (928) 529-2789

​  Getting Connected - $30
 Sunday - July 8th      9:30am-1pm

Event Location:  204 E. Beale St.

This class will include topics of meditation, connecting with the Archangels and exploring your intuitive abilities.  Meditation is important to bring you to the present
moment and to clear the mind-chatter in order to listen to the messages from spirit.  There will be an overview of seven Archangels and tools to have a stronger
awareness of them.  And then we will discuss what being intuitive is and how to develop your abilities.  Everyone is intuitive, but not everyone listens...usually to their gut feeling—”OH! Something was telling me not to do that!!”  This information will help you on your journey of being more open and aware of guidance and help from Spirit, whether it be God, Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones on the other side or Your Higher Self.
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"I do!!"

Life Ceremony Officiants Available

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Baby Blessings, Friendship Ceremonies


Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash

Essential Oil Classes w/Jackie Scurti
Location:  204 E. Beale St.         
Tuesdays            5:30-6:30pm
July 3rdBug Spray - $15 Advance/$20 at door
Make & take essential oil blend to ward off those pesty bugs.
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 July 10th—Green Cleaning - $15 Advance/$20 at door
Make & take an essential oil blend to use to clean your space.
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 July 17th—Time to Sleep - $15 Advance/$20 at door
Make & take essential oil blend linen spray
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 July 24th—Sex & Sensuality Blend - $20 Advance/ $25 at door
Make & take essential oil natural lubricant blend and a massage oil for adding pizazz to your romantic relationship.  Must be 18 or older to attend.
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July 31st—Aromatherapy Bracelet Make & Take
$17 for one adult size, $12 for one kid size, $8 for one baby size
Adult Size $17
Kid Size $12
Baby Size $8
 Get more info - connect with Jackie in the Facebook group

 Other Services Offered:​​

      Aromatherapy                                   Life Ceremony Officiants
        Reiki                                                       Art Therapy
        Numerology                                       Hypnosis/Regression
        Reflexology                                         Angel Card Readings
        Chakra Balancing                            Tapping/EFT
        Transformation Coaching          Meditation Coaching
        ​Emotional Release                          Spiritual Guidance
        Laughter Yoga                                   Intuition Development
​        Personal Development                Sound Healing
        Light/Color Therapy                      Well-being Retreats
Reiki Certificaiton Courses
Kansa Wand Stress Relief Massage

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