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Women's Healing Retreat - 2 Day Event
April 6th 9am-6pm / April 7th 9am-5pm​
(Located in the Kingman, AZ Hualapai Mountains near the Hualapai Mountain Resort)

Cost:  $65 one day pass OR $111 for both days

Bring your own:  Something yummy for your tummy (snacks/lunch), quench your thirst beverage (non-alcoholic, please), notebook, pen and the desire to be open to change.  Water will be provided.

Do you feel the need to make changes in your life? Are you seeking help or guidance to go in a new direction?  Or maybe you are just tired of hanging onto old hurts and pains.  We are continuously looking
outside of ourselves for love and happiness when we really need to go WITHIN.  But so many people are beating themselves up with shame, guilt, criticism, anger and resentment that they don’t even know what love and happiness really is.  Are you finally tired of drudging through the emotional mud?

You will be guided through healing exercises and meditations to release the stress caused from the “pain of the past” and experience relaxation and joy. 

Also, learn to have more love for yourself and the skin you are in. That’s right….learning to love your body, no matter the shape or size!!  We will also learn about the messages that our body has when
discomfort and dis-ease are manifested.  You will receive assistance in adjusting the “negative” emotions, beliefs and thought patterns that you have about your body image. 

This retreat will have a huge impact on your life on all levels—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  It’s time to release what’s been holding you back….it’s time to tap into your heart, make a deeper connection and commitment to yourself…’s time to take that step forward!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

What others are saying:

"By the end of the 2 days I was already feeling the weight being lifted off my shoulders and the butterflies in my stomach disappeared. I left with a strong feeling of self-love and acceptance. I also learned that, without my past I wouldn't be so appreciative for my life today. I'm definitely viewing life in a new perspective and it's amazing!"   Sarah P.

"After the first day I feel loved nurtured and growth. This workshop has renewed my enthusiasm for life.  Amie and the retreat were fabulous.  I would recommend the retreat to anyone that is serious about healing self.  I now feel powerful and motivated.  Can't wait for the next retreat"  Brenda B.

“The retreat allowed me to connect with other women about issues we all face and are dealing with. Most of the time I feel as though I am alone in what I have experienced, but not at the retreat. I felt as though I connected with these wonderful ladies, and have hopefully helped to empower them as they have empowered me. I will leave the retreat feeling lighter and loving myself more now that I have more tools to do so. I wish I had never been nervous to come here. From the minute I walked... “   Elizabeth A.

"I appreciated the opportunity to do the work in a safe, confidential environment. The professionalism performed by the facilitator (Amie) was commendable. The material shared was helpful. The activities were "spot-on" and clearly explained. I recommend this retreat to all ages, both male and female."  Linda M.

"This was the most enlightening event I have ever attended.  Life altering positive information.  I will attend this gathering again!  Can't wait!"  June C.


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